Project: Images in Bronze and Copper Clay

Here is another quick and easy way to combine bronze and copper clay. I made these with some popular rubber stamps. They are flat, smooth images and some of them can make pretty buttons.

1. Choose a rubber stamp, a PPP plate or another texture that has a very deep relief. You can use it as is, or make a mold from it and use the mold instead.

2. Roll a very thick layer (2 craft sticks or 16 cards) of bronze clay and press it into the mold, or into a part of the mold.

3. Cut off the excess from the layer and dry on a warming plate at 200°F – 250°F. Keep an eye on the piece as it dries. It will soon start to warm. Turn it over. When it starts warping again, flip it back over. Continue this until the piece stops warping. Alternatively, after the first two times, tape it down or lay a Corian block on it (see photos on the very bottom of this page: .

4. Press copper clay into the indentations of the pattern. (It doesn’t matter if some of the pattern disappears.)

5. Dry again, as in step 3. It will not warp this time.
6. Turn the piece over and sand it vigorously against a fine sanding pad or an emery board until the pattern reappears.

7. Fire according to the firing schedule on my blog.

8. Follow the finishing instructions in Part 2 of the project Necklace or Bracelet Combining Copper and Bronze Clay, available on my blog.

To download this project in printable PDF format click here.

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