Improved Formula for Hadar’s Clay™

I am glad to announce that I’ve been able to improve Hadar’s Clay™ by introducing a few changes to the formula. If you liked the consistency of the clay before, you will like it even better now. Moreover, the improved formula has longer shelf life, the clay is more receptive to oil, and the mixing time is shorter. (No more white spots!) I have a hunch that it has some more advantages yet to be discovered. Here is a video clip (posted on YouTube) that shows how to mix the clay.

As you will see, there are only two changes in the instructions:

1. Less water is required. Do not over-wet the clay. If you do, add more powder.

2. When you stir the clay in the bowl, don’t wait for it to become a single chunk (if it does, it means that it’s over-wet). The clay should stay in the form of crumbs, with none sticking to the bowl. Once the bowl is clean, the crumbs of clay are ready to roll.

The rest of the instructions are the same. At the workshop in San Diego at the end of this month we will already be using the improved formula. From today on, when you order Hadar’s Clay™, bronze, copper, or steel, you’ll receive the improved clay powder.

The Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay™ has been updated to include the changes mentioned above as well as the firing schedule for steel clay. A “Firing Schedule” document is available as well. Please download both of these documents directly from the right-hand pane.

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