Compatibility Chart for Firing Different Clays Together

This is long due, but I have finally been able to do what many of you have asked for: create a Compatibility Chart reflecting which metal clays can be fired in one piece, in one firing, and at what schedule. The chart also shows which metals can be fired together in more than one firing. Please download the file from the right-hand pane of the blog.

This chart goes hand in hand with the file “Firing Schedules for Hadar’s Clay™ – Quick Reference Table”. This file has just been updated and includes firing schedules for Quick-fire copper, bronze, White Bronze, steel, and Pearl Grey Steel.

The expanded instruction manuals for all of these clays have also been updated. The Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay™ – Quick-fire Copper and Quick-fire Bronze in particular, includes instructions on how to make the firing box, what carbon to use, how to position the pieces and the box in the kiln, etc.

I hope you find it helpful.

One important update is how to fire together copper and White Bronze, or copper, bronze, and White Bronze. This does not require a special kind of copper powder and can be done with the existing Quick-fire copper.


I am still trying to shorten this firing schedule, but what works so far is firing the mixed metal together, repeating the firing schedule for White Bronze (i.e., firing twice in succession according to that schedule), with two hours hold time in each firing instead of three.

Sometimes the copper and the White Bronze react and create a third bronze color, as you can see in the photo. This may eliminate the need to include bronze in order to achieve the three colors in one piece.

The combination of copper and White Bronze has a beautiful effect when it is applied in caning and mokume-gane techniques. These are techniques that I am exploring at present and have already presented in my workshops in Europe. They are also the topic of many workshops scheduled for this year and next.

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