Magnetic Clasp – Part 2

As promised, here’s the follow-up to my earlier Magnetic Clasp posting.

A magnetic clasp does not have to be steel colored. Here is another type of magnetic clasp, lentil shaped, in copper and bronze.

1. As molds, use two concave shapes such as contact lenses holders. The magnet should be 5-6 mm in diameter.

2. Find a rod or wooden dowel with the same diameter as the magnet, or slightly larger.

3. Fill the mold with Pearl Grey Steel. Press the dowel into the clay to create an indentation for the magnet. Do not use the magnet itself to create he indentation! It will be hard or impossible to separate it from the clay.

4. Repeat step 3 for the other part of the clasp.

5. Dry the clay.

The other side

The other side

6. Insert the magnet in one of the parts and test how they fit.

7. If the indentations are too small or not deep enough, grind them with a cylinder grinder or a diamond-plated burr until you get a perfect fit.

8. Roll a layer of bronze clay, 3 cards thick. Wet one of the domes and lay the bronze layer on it until it assumes its shape. Trim away the excess clay from around the dome, and dry.

9. Repeat step 8 with the other dome, this time using a copper clay layer.

10. Rub the open side of the domes over 150-grit sandpaper, using a figure-8 motion.

11. Prepare 2 wire eyelets form 22-gauge bronze wire. Drill a hole at the side of each dome.

12. Insert the wire eyelets in the holes and reinforce them with clay. Dry.

13. Fire the 2 parts following the schedule for mixed copper/bronze pieces (see my Instruction Manual, p. 30). I suggest connecting the chain first. If you do it after inserting the magnet, the chain and jump ring will stick to your pliers.

14. Connect each part to a chain and insert the magnet in one of them.

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