Hadar’s Clay™ Sampler

Hadar's Clay™Sampler

Hadar's Clay™ Sampler

The Hadar’s Clay™ Sampler is now available on my online store. The kit includes 25 grams each of Quick-fire copper, Quick-fire bronze, White Bronze, Rose Bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel XT.

The sampler can serve as a low-cost introduction to the wide range of clay. It is recommended to use it to make test pieces to find the correct firing schedule for your individual kiln. The instructions for using the clay, as well as making test pieces, can be found in the instruction manual for Hadar’s Clay on the right-hand pane of this blog.

Here is the range of colors that this kit can produce:



From left to right: White Bronze, copper, bronze, rose bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel. Both Pearl Grey Steels – regular and XT – are the same color. XT is stronger and better for structural purposes.

The powder clay is packed in small screw-top plastic bottles encased in a bubble wrap pocket.

Sampler (Green)

I hope you find it useful.

And a reminder: the deadline for the juried challenge of Metal Clay Today is October 15. The challenge is “Coming Un-hinged”, and one of the prizes is a selection of my clays (500 grams) and one copy of my book Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay. Please see details here.

5 Responses to “Hadar’s Clay™ Sampler”

  • Anne Says:

    Génial. Super idée ce kit ! Merci.

  • Susan Says:

    Hello. I just purchased this sampler set. I can hardly wait to start playing with it! As I’ve been reading through a number of articles, however, I have a question. Can these all be fired together if I’m doing a mixed metal piece? Or are there only certain combinations that will work? I am looking forward to working with this. Your work is beautiful. I wish I lived close enough to take your classes!

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Susan, Yes, they can all be fired together. Please refer to the instruction manual on my blog: http://www.hadarjacobson/com/blog. In the content you will find a chapter called compatibility chart. It will tell you what combinations are possible and how to fire them. Please also look at my travel teaching schedule on the blog. You may find a class close to you.

  • Rachelle Says:

    I fired some white bronze pieces, and I don’t know how to tell if they are under or over fired. They appear grainy and rough, and one broke after the CZ cracked, and it looks metallic, but grainy, throughout the crack. I did stage 1 on the stovetop just fine. I have a small top-loader brick kiln and fired at 1250 for 2 hrs. I think I over fired, since the kiln is only a manual 6″ x 6″ Vulcan JK-1. I have been unable to find any photos of over/under fired white bronze on your blog or anywhere else. I know white bronze is temperamental. Not sure if it is salvageable. Thanks!

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:


    Can you send a photo of the piece to my email address?

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