New Video – Shortening the Firing Time

I recently taught a 4-day class in Waltham, MA. There were 12 people in the class and one of them was kind enough to bring in a double-burner camping stove. We did all our pre-firing (first phase – binder burnout) on the stove. The second phase was done in three front-loading kilns. If you have ever taken one of my workshops, you know how many pieces can be created in the course of 4 days. However, while at my previous classes people had typically waited for their pieces to be fired, this time the kilns were waiting for them. We fired twice a day, sometimes three times. We ended up firing almost all the pieces before the class was over.

This photo was taken by Nicki Piaget:

And these beautiful pieces are the creations of Maggie Bokor:

As I wrote in an earlier posting and follow-up, firing the first phase over a stove top can save hours of firing time! Here is a video showing the whole quick process from beginning to end. Enjoy!

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