Feb 28 2012

Information About Two Upcoming Workshops

This posting is in regard to two specific upcoming workshops.

The first is the Rings Workshop at the PMC Conference on June 19-20.

I have emailed all the participants with information about this workshop, including the required toolkit. Since it was a bulk email, it may have reached your spam folder. If you have not received my email but are reading this posting and taking this workshop, please contact me immediately at hadar@pacbell.net.

Two of my favorite kilns will be available for sale at the end of this workshop. They are new, and will be tested, programmed, and used at the workshop only. The cost is $490 each. These are offered to any buyer, not exclusively to workshop participants. If you are coming to the conference and interested in one of these kilns, please contact me. It is possible for me to bring more kilns if requested. The last date for them to be picked up is by the evening of June 21.

The second workshop is taking place at Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan. There have been a lot of requests for another “architectural” workshop since the intensive at my studio in January. Unfortunately I can’t schedule another one at my studio until next January, but that will be the focus of the 3-days workshop at Krasl. This workshop is not until July, 20-22, but the workshop is limited to a small number of students and some spots are already taken. The art center has just released the information. If you are interested, the contact info is:

Krasl Art Center
707 Lake Boulevard
St. Joseph, MI 49085 USA
(269) 983 0271 (updated 3/8/2012)
education@krasl.org (updated 3/8/2012)

Photos from the last workshop can be seen in my posting entitled Report from Architectural Jewelry Workshop.

Feb 22 2012

Old Pearl Grey Steel is Back

Upon request by several customers, Pearl Grey Steel (not XT), which was discontinued at the beginning of the year, is back on the shelves and available on my Online Store.

This type of steel is best used in a mixed metal piece because of its lower shrinkage rate. It is especially recommended for gradient surfaces.


Mokume-gane Bird

Ocean View


Over the past few days, I tried over and over to make this last piece using the other steel clays, but with no success. I would like to thank Susan Weirather for alerting me to this problem and for her patience and perseverance while trying to solve it.

Projects for this type of gradient surface can be found in my book Patterns of Color in Metal Clay.

Please note that Pearl Grey Steel (I am not referring to XT) is not as strong as Quick-fire Steel XT and Pearl Grey Steel XT when the Pearl Grey Steel is fired on its own.

Feb 12 2012

Flexible Clay, a Bigger Extruder, and Submissions for a New Book

Flexible Clay

It has come to my attention that people are experiencing some difficulties making flexible clay. The last third of my book, The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms (2nd edition) is dedicated to projects for flexible clay. You can also watch the following YouTube video about flexible clay:

I’d like to add some information here that is missing from the book. After letting the flexible layer or wire dry in the air, I refrigerate it for a while, even overnight. When you take it out, you can feel some “knots” in the wire or stiffer areas in the sheet. Wiggle the wire with your fingers over the whole length to release these spots. Wiggle the layer in different spots and different directions to release the stiff areas.

Wiggle 1

Wiggle 2

This is hard to capture in stills, but I hope you get the idea. Store extra sheets and wire in the refrigerator, and they will stay as flexible as leather.

Bigger Extruder

Here are some things that I’ve been making with an improvised big extruder.

Large color-patterned beads:

Large color-patterned beads

A color-patterned hairband almost as big as a cuff (a cuff bracelet would work as well):


A set of bracelet links extruded all at once (featured in my last book):

Bracket links

A new design that I call Cat’s Eyes, which can only be done with a bigger extruder:

Cat's Eyes

And a new design that I call “Bricks”:




I contacted Makin’s Clay about making this extruder. I have all the specifications, measurements, prototypes of dies, 2 types of bead extruders (tube adapters), and a link extruder that may be able to extrude bracelet links with two side holes. They sounded enthusiastic at Makin’s, but so far have not asked me for these details. This information is free! All I want is for an extruder like this to be commercially available, since building an improvised one is not as simple and cheap.

In any case, I will be happy to share the specs and information with you in upcoming workshops.

New Book – Call for Submissions

I am currently working on my next book. The book will be a kind of an inventory of new color patterns that have been made with metal clay, focusing on rings and mirror-image earrings. Please send me photos of anything beautiful that you have done with color combination (pieces with no combination will be considered as well).