Updates for the New Year

Happy New Year! Here are some updates for 2013:

1. The document entitled “Personal Toolkit for Mixed Metal Workshops” (also linked in the right-hand pane of the blog) has been updated. It now includes additional tools (including photographs) required for the workshops “Color Patterns in Hollow Forms” and “Architextural Jewelry.”

2. My travel-teaching schedule (also linked in the right-hand pane) has been updated as well. Two 5-day intensive workshops have been added at my Berkeley studio, on February 23-27 and on March 9-13, 2013. This workshop is a boot camp for beginners who need the tools to get started with base metal clay as well as for regular users who would like to practice and resolve issues they encounter along the way. The workshop covers the basics of base metal clay, the firing process, the finishing process, married metals, color patterns, and using the small and large extruder. You can sign up on my website.

3. The Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay™ has been updated and is now marked January 2013. (Please remember always to open the manual from my blog, rather than accessing dated versions that may still exist on other sites.)

For your convenience, the changes are highlighted in yellow. Here is the main change:

After experimenting with firing Brilliant Bronze for a while, I dropped the mid-fire temperature by 10°F for all other mid-fire clays. It is not necessary to dedicate a separate firing session to Brilliant Bronze; at this lower temperature, bronze sinters just fine, and so do combinations of bronze, copper, and minimal amounts of steel.

The suggested temperature for the mid-fire schedule is now 1460°F/793°C (for brick kilns); 1510°F/821°C (for muffle kilns).

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