New Year’s Day Serendipity

In the process of testing the new clays with every possible technique, I was making hollow forms in preparation for a workshop I am about to teach in February. I made four pieces from Champagne Bronze, Friendly Copper, and Low-shrinkage Steel XT and fired them last night.

In the past, firing these kinds of pieces took a long time, some repair and re-firing were required, and the finishing process was challenging. Last night firing took 2:45 hours (45 minutes ramping, 2 hours hold). This morning I found all four pieces intact, without a crack. The surface was smooth, as if there was no difference in the shrinkage of the metals. And, except for the rock, which I sanded, the finishing process consisted of just buffing with a buffing wheel. Two minutes a piece.

Flat hollow form

Trillion lentil



We are stocking up. I’ll announce the release date on Friday. I hope this will make your New Year happy!

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