New Clays Are Now Available – Part 1: High-fire

This is the first part of a 2-part posting: Part 1 for high-fire clays, part 2 for mid-fire/mokume-gane clays. Please download the Map of Hadar’s One-fire Clays.

Two more high-fire clays are now available on my online store: Dark Champagne Bronze and Friendly Rose Bronze.

Dark Champagne Bronze

Dark Champagne Bronze

Friendly Rose Bronze

Friendly Rose Bronze

Both Clays are “Friendly” in the sense that they can be fired successfully in one phase only. They are additions to the One-fire Sampler of Champagne Bronze, Friendly Copper, and Low-shrinkage Steel XT. They can be fired on their own or combined with the One-fire Sampler clays and with White Satin in one piece and fired at the same firing schedule.

Dark Champagne Bronze is darker than Champagne Bronze and similar in color to Quick-fire Bronze. Here is a color comparison:

Champagne and Dark Champagne

Left: Champagne Bronze; Right: Dark Champagne Bronze

Dark Champagne Bronze Cuff

Dark Champagne Bronze Cuff

Friendly Rose Bronze has the same color as Quick-fire Rose Bronze. Here is a piece by Cindy Pope, made from Friendly Rose Bronze and Low-shrinkage Steel XT, using the Silhouette machine:

Friendly Rose Bronze and Steel

Friendly Rose Bronze and Steel

Firing temperature:
On their own: 1720°F (brick kiln); 1770°F (muffle kiln);
In combination with other high-fire clays: 1750°F (brick kiln); 1800°F (muffle kilns).

An Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay High-fire Clays has now been uploaded to the right-hand pane of this blog. A free project for Dark Champagne Bronze will be posted soon.

(For part 2 of this posting, please click here.)

3 Responses to “New Clays Are Now Available – Part 1: High-fire”

  • Ro Germaine Says:

    You are truely a person with tons of energy and amazing ideas. I can’t keep up. I’m working with the last ones and trying to perfect my work. We, your following, are always interested in your new and exciting ideas. Thanks.

  • MoiraLynn Mefein Says:

    Will the current firing instructions work with earlier clay formulae? I have a nice stock of older clay to use, but am concerned about the changes in firing for some items.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    MoiraLyn, with the old clays you should use the old firing schedule, which includes a cooling phase.

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