Jul 28 2015

One-fire Flex Clay Follow-up: Projects and Video

As promised in my last posting: “What Other Things Can Be Done with One-fire Flex Clay?“, I’ve prepared projects for some of the pieces featured in the posting.

The Instruction Manual for One-fire Clays now includes two pages dedicated to One-fire Flex (pp. 7-8). Please download this updated version.

Also, here is a little video showing how flexible the new One-fire Flex clay is:

Jul 20 2015

What Other Things Can Be Done With the New One-fire Flex Clay?

This question has been asked quite frequently. Indeed, many things can be done with the One-fire Flex clay without using the Silhouette machine. I’ve been working with it quite a bit using punches, trimming scissors, embossing folders, and mostly – simple hand tools for etching, cutting and texturing. I re-made some pieces I’ve made in the past and discovered new, easier techniques for making them. Here is what I’ve done in the past week. Still working, more to come! Projects will be posted with the launch of the new clay!

Jul 11 2015

Same Products – New Names

While developing the new line of One-fire Flex Clays, we decided to simplify the user interface for both our online store and our blog. The clays are now organized in groups according to their type and firing schedules. The instruction manuals are now down to three short ones: one for One-fire Clays (including the new line of Flex clays), a second for Quick-fire Clays (including Traditional/Flex clays), and a third for cold inlay powders. Each product on the store includes a description with a direct link to its respective instruction manual.

While re-organizing the store we also changed some of the products’ names. This, too, is meant to simplify things. The changes are in the One-fire category only: all clays that use a one-phase firing schedule now start with the name “One-fire” instead of “Friendly.” For your convenience, we have also created a table that lists the products whose names have changed, showing the old names and the the new ones. Please refer to the document entitled “Map of Hadar’s Clay™ Products” to see the changes and the table. (This document is also available on the right-hand pane of this blog.)

Jul 10 2015

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Jul 8 2015

New Arrival Coming to the One-fire Flex Group

Meet One-fire Flex Low-shrinkage Steel XT:

Why do we need this one, since we already have Pearl Grey Steel?

Pearl Grey Steel shrinks much more than other clays. Here is how much it shrinks compared to copper:

This makes it hard to fire it with other clays, since the difference in shrinkage will cause the whole piece to warp. Hammering flat is not an option since Pearl Grey Steel is very hard.

Low-shrinkage Steel XT (both One-fire and One-fire Flex) shrinks very little, which makes it a good candidate for combining with other metals.

Below is the same piece with the bird blackened with patina (I sure got a lot of mileage out of this bird punch).

The piece came out a tiny bit warped. Since Low-shrinkage Steel XT is not as hard as Pearl Grey Steel, it hammered flat easily with a blow of a plastic hammer, no cracking.

This brings the number of the One-fire Flex Clays to a total of nine. They will be released in groups, one group at a time. The first group will include Dark Champagne, Brilliant Bronze, Copper, and Low-shrinkage Steel XT.

Jul 1 2015

Making Progress – One-Fire Flex Clay for the SILie

Partial selection

t-PG 1

Copper overlay on Brilliant Bronze