January 2020 Intensives

The dates for the 2020 5-day workshops are January 4 and January 11. If necessary, another date will be added in February. You can sign up here.

The main topic is locket pendants – different mechanisms for constructing a box with a locking lid. Here are a few samples:

Drawer locket – closed

Drawer locket – open

Invisible hinge

Sliding lid – closed

Sliding lid – open

Swivel lid – closed

Swivel lid – open

No-hinge – closed

No hinge – open

Dome – closed

Dome – open

There are other fun lockets, including one with a magnet (picture is not available yet). The mokume-gane decoration is only optional – feel free to decorate your locket in any way you like.

Of course, there will not be enough time to make all these types of lockets. However, I prepared “in-between” projects to make while you are waiting for pieces to dry or fire. These projects involve combining steel and Brilliant Bronze for a color effect of black and gold. Steel and Brilliant Bronze cannot be fired together because of the difference in their firing temperatures. The projects will introduce a few techniques of making steel-dominant and bronze-dominant pieces. Again, here are a few samples:

Circle Earrings



Inlay 1

Inlay 3

Inlay Texture

Texture 2

Texture 1


Veins 2



Wraparound 1

Wraparound 2

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