Change to The Structure of the Accreditation Program for Hadar’s Clay

This posting is addressed to those of you who have been considering joining the accreditation program for Hadar’s Clay.

In the time since the first round of accreditation started its activities and during the forming of the second group, I have come to realize that for some participants – particularly those of you who live far from California – the requirement of taking a 5-day hands-on class at my studio in Berkeley, CA, creates a considerable financial and logistic burden that potentially exceeds the cost of the entire program.

Based on this valid concern, I have decided to modify the structure of the program. Participation in this workshop is now optional, but is no longer a requirement for accreditation. Replacing the former requirement will be a final project, which can be submitted and evaluated whether or not students choose to participate in a hands-on class.

The second round of accreditation is due to start in late August and end in summer 2014. Please email me if you wish to apply, at (As a reminder, my email address is no longer functional.)

Please note: The Cheat Sheet for Hadar’s Clay has been updated to include a Quick Reference Table of Firing Schedules.

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