About Core Material

I have been dreaming of making this piece for years, ever since it was served as an hors d’oeuvre at a dinner party I was invited to. I’ve just figured out how to make this stuffed pasta pouch and wanted to make it in bronze. However, I had to use core material.

Core material, too, does not burn well inside carbon. I had problems firing cork clay and spaghetti. However, as with glycerin, if you cover it with just a little carbon and fire without a lid for the first phase of the firing schedule, it will burn just fine.

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  • Ruth Says:

    Glad to see you’ve made your pasta! Beat me to it!!

  • j young Says:

    How thick does the clay need to be over the core material ie paper clay, cork & pasta? Do you form rolled clay over core material or “paint” with paste (how many layers?)) An instructor told my daughter to go outside and burn with a torch. Why is this necessary and do you recommend that process rather than your firing without lid first phase, etc?

    What do you recommend for creating a tail on a bird so that it does not droop or break off easily? Also, how would I imprint a design on such a small piece? Thanks!

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