Bronze and Copper Clay are Compatible!

Hadar’s Clay™ bronze and copper clay powder can be fired together using the same firing schedule. They don’t interfere with the sintering of each other, they fuse together well, and the contrast is sharp and beautiful. Please read the article “Combining Bronze and Copper Clay” on the right.

9 Responses to “Bronze and Copper Clay are Compatible!”

  • Therese Says:

    They look good enough to eat!

  • Susan Dilger Says:

    All I can say is “WOW, WOW, WOW!” Gorgeous look. Congratulations at getting it to work!

  • Dinah Bourdon Says:

    The pieces are simply beautiful Hadar! I love the look and the contrast. Will this work with BronzClay as well or have you only tested your powders? I don’t know if there is a difference chemically with the two Bronze types. If so, what are the differences?

  • dona diCarlo Says:

    Oh Yummy
    They are like a kind of candy ..oly reverse the colors..

    dona d.

  • Karina Mattsson Sweden Says:

    It`s wonderful, i must trie it

  • Louise Duhamel Says:

    Wow, Hadar…you have done it again! You are way ahead of the game…these pieces are magnificant! You have put hundreds and hundreds of hours into creating and then testing the limits of these new clays and all for the benifit of metal clay artists worldwide. I think it’s only proper that we salute you. Thank you for all of your hard work. Your jewelry speaks for itself!!!

  • Deborah Gillaspie Says:

    Thanks so much for posting the results of your experiments with mixed metals! I’ve been wondering about whether it was possible, but until two weeks ago I didn’t have a kiln. Although I will need to do some experiments on my own, I now have an idea of what to expect. Brava!
    Now I just have to call the electrician to put in a dedicated line!

    Best wishes,
    Deborah Gillaspie

  • Burt Says:

    Interesting article, was curious if you would allow me to link to it in a article i am currently typing for my own site? Thanks

  • Easter Kevwitch Says:

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