Landscape Earrings Project and More

This is the Landcape Earrings project from Book 1, p. 18. This time I made it as a pendant.

Step one: use copper clay instead of silver clay.

Step 6: Use a 4mm square sterling bezel cup for a 4 mm cabochon. I picked a turquoise because it picks both the colors of the copper and bronze.

Sterling silver bezel cups fire well in carbon. I’ve been looking forever for square bezels as small as 4mm, and was finally able to find these at Gem Resources.

Gem resources also carry many natural stones that fire well in carbon and in open air, 2 hours at 1650F. For example: Black star diopside, which looks very elegant with bronze, Hess garnet, Rhodolite garnet and rough garnet, Orissa garnet, Montana Sapphire, and many other sapphires, all fireable.

Here is the project Hinged House from Book 1, p. 37. Again, I made it as a pendant.

And here is the project Texture Prints from book 2, p. 105.

And here is the porject “Treasure Bag” from Book 1, p. 55, combined with flexible clay weaving technique (p.113).

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