My Next Book

I have been working for some time now on my next book. My last two books featured a lot of pieces made by my local students, but now that I am corresponding with so many of you in different parts of the world, I feel that my next book should include your work as well.


If you want to take part in this book, please send me photos of your work. Unlike the Gallery section on my blog, the book requires photos in high resolution (300 dpi, at least 5” x 5”). If you don’t have the equipment to take the pictures yourself or the budget for a photographer, please send whatever photo you have. Then, if your work is accepted, you are welcome to send me your pieces for photographing. I promise to take good care of them. Please pack them carefully send them insured, and I will send them back insured.

You can send photos on a CD or email them directly to me. If you choose to email hi-res photo, please include each photo in a separate email.


If you send photographs, please include your name and location, title of the work, photographer’s name, size of the piece, techniques and materials used. The book is going to be brand free, like my first book on silver clay. No brands will be mentioned in the credit of the photos or elsewhere.


The book will focus on mixed metal jewelry from metal clay (by “mixed” I mean combining different metals). The main requirements are that the metal part of the piece (except for findings and chain) is made from metal clay, and that the piece presents a combination of either copper and silver; copper and bronze; or copper, silver and bronze (the combination of silver and bronze has already been covered in my second book). Non-metal elements such as gemstones, enamel, beads and glass are welcome. Single-metal hollow forms from copper or bronze will also be considered.

The consideration of whether or not to include a certain piece in the book will be based on their relevance to the projects, available space, and quality of the photos. If your piece is not included, please do not regard it as a critique of your work.

As usual, the photos will appear alongside the projects, although I am also considering the possibility of adding a separate Gallery section. The credit line will include at least your name, the title of the piece, and the photographers name.

Submission Fee

Submission and photography (if required) are free of charge. However, since the number of copies is limited, I cannot promise free copies.


If you feel that you don’t yet have something you want to show, there is still time. Since my book is self-published, I can be flexible with the deadline. It would be great to have all your photos by the end of August. If you have an idea and you find it hard to bring it to life, please feel free to consult with me. I will do my best to help. I hope to go to press by the end of the year.

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