Third Rock (Free Project)

This project was making its way into my upcoming third book about mixed metal jewelry from metal clay, but then I realized that it’s a variation on the “Sliced Rock Dangles” project from my second book: Silver and Bronze Clay: Movement and Mechanisms, p. 21. So I decided to post it here. This time it’s called Third Rock.

This project starts after step 4 of the “Sliced Rock Dangles” project is complete. We now have a set of 3 open rock parts, which are the top, middle and bottom of a rock.

5. Create three such sets, from silver, copper, and bronze clay respectively. (All of the photos in this posting show the copper rock, except for the photo of the finished earrings, which shows all three metals.)

6. For each of these sets, lay the open side of all three rock parts on a layer of the same clay, 3 cards thick. (In other words, the three silver parts should be laid on a silver layer, the copper parts on a copper layer, and the bronze parts on a bronze layer.)

7. Cut away the excess clay from around the thirds, and dry.

8. The two end parts of each rock are now closed hollow forms. Now close each of the middle parts by placing it upside-down on another layer of the same clay (silver on silver, copper on copper, bronze on bronze), 3 cards thick.

9. Cut away the excess clay from around the part.

All three parts in each set are now closed.

10. Drill 2 holes through one of the end pieces. Repeat this step with the rest of the end pieces.

11. Drill 2 holes through the sides of all three middle pieces (silver, bronze, and copper).

This is how the parts can be assembled.

The necklace version shown at the top of this posting was assembled using beading wire and spacers. And here is the earring version:

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