Photos from My Workshop in Rhode Island

On the way to the class I was teaching in Bristol, Rhode Island, I stopped at Whole Foods Market. A bag of pasta caught my eye. It was pasta in the shape of calamari, which I’d never seen before. That day the class was about to make hollow forms and I thought how strange that I saw it precisely on that morning.

It was like bringing a box of candy to class. Almost everybody grabbed some to use as a mold for hollow forms. By the end of the day Jennifer Elliott had managed to finish a whole necklace of silver beads.

Other people took some home to make mixed metal hollow forms. This is the one I made:

Here are other pieces that were finished by the end of the class. Marjorie Barnes made these earrings and this necklace from copper and silver…

…which she was already wearing by the end of the class:

Marjorie also made hollow forms using rocks and rigatoni pasta as molds…

…as well as a folded hollow form from silver clay:

Sana Greene also made a folded hollow form from copper clay:

Alicia Buckler-White made a checkerboard pendant and earrings from bronze and copper clay:

Linda Busheeb made this pair of earrings combining copper and silver clay (sory for the quality of the photo):

Terri Wright made these earrings from copper and silver clay…

…and this hollow form from silver clay, with flush-set gemstones.

And Trish Connant made these three-panel earrings from all three metal clays:

By the end of the third day a lot of pieces were still waiting to be fired. All three kilns had a front door so the number of pieces fired in each kiln was limited. What I have learned in this class is that another variable that affects the sintering is the amount of power that kilns get when they are all working at the same time.

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