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First, a practical note: the first 3-day workshop scheduled for June 25-27 in the UK is full, and reservations are currently being taken for a second back-to-back workshop, starting on June 28. Please contact Tracey, at:

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For the past two days I’ve been recovering from jet lag after coming back from teaching in Australia. It was an intense, wonderful two weeks which I will never forget, and I’d like to thank Roz Eberhard-Swan of The Eclectic Studio and the PMC Guild for making it possible. Meeting you and working with you all in Sydney and Melbourne was a pleasurable, enriching experience. I was really sorry to leave and hope to meet with you again some day. Please remember what I’ve already told you: you tend to think that you are behind because you are so far away, but that is not the case. I was amazed by your high level of artistry, craftsmanship, and the courage to jump into new adventures. In terms of physical distance most of us are all far away, even inside the United States; but in fact we are only as far as our own bench and the Internet. Keep up the good work, and please stay in touch!

The workshop in Melbourne was held at Maggie Berman’s studio, but Maggie could not be there so unfortunately I didn’t get to meet her. However, just being there, working in her space, shopping for food where she does, and seeing her beautiful jewelry, made me feel that I knew her a little bit. Thank you, Maggie, for letting us work at your studio!

I’d like to share here some beautiful artwork made by someone prior to the workshop. Susan Brown, who flew in from New Zealand, showed me a piece she had made that was inspired by a project published in one of my books.

Can you blame me for feeling happy and proud?

12 Responses to “Back from Australia”

  • Cheryl Cohen Says:

    Hadar, welcome home. Is that silver wire worked into the net-like portion of your student’s piece?

  • Maggie Bergman Says:

    Hi Hadar, I’m also sorry I couldn’t be there to welvome you to Melbourne (and my studio) I’m glad you had such a good time there. People are raving about what they’ve learned from you and how generous you are with your knowledge.

    I’m hoping to meet you some time.


  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    It looked to me like a texture, but maybe Susan will answer this herself if she sees the posting. I just saw that the same piece was featured in the PMC 3rd Annual.

  • Beth Rosener Says:

    Welcome back, Hadar! Glad you had such a wonderful trip!!!

  • Pam Annesley Says:

    Hi Hadar,
    It was so good to see you again in Melbourne. You are such an inspiration to us all ‘down under’. Thank you for your comments on our ability here in Australia.
    Hope to see you again.

  • Veronica Lemmer Says:

    Hi Hadar – I am pleased to hear that you arrived home safely. We had an amazing time with you in Sydney and learnt so much. Once again, thank you for being so giving of your wonderful gift and talent. You were so inspiring. Just noted that the Aussie $$$ is getting close to being 1:1 with the US $$$, so hopefully I will get my kiln soon and then have more fun.

  • Roz Eberhard-Swan Says:

    Hi Hadar, Thank you seems very lack lustre a comment after such a wonderful time was has by so many PMC Guild members. Your kind and generous comments on the work being done here is most encouraging and of course we now have loads more tricks up our sleeves thanks to you. You have not seen the last of many of us I suspect and we hope that you come visit us again too. We are all waiting with baited breath to get our hands on your new book too. Have a wonderful weekend. Roz

  • Charlie Says:

    Welcome Home, Hadar! I finally opened the jar of copper powder I ordered from you. As I type this my first copper pieces are drying and will be fired this evening! Wish me luck!

  • Susan Brown Says:

    Hi Hadar, thanks for the fantastic course! I’m having a great time applying what I learnt back home now 🙂

    Cheryl, it’s a texture created from a piece of lace (I made a mold of the lace in bendy polymer clay first so that the lace bits are raised).


  • Julia McGowan Says:

    Hi Hadar.. thank you so, so much for the workshops in Australia. I’m still miserable that I was only able to attend one day! I enjoyed the time immensely.. you are not only a talented artist, but a talented teacher as well.

  • Nancy Friend Says:

    Hadar! Hadar! Hadar! I had a fantastic time at your workshop in Melbourne and was amazed at how willing you were to share your amazing talent with us gals down under. I was ‘scared’ of my Dremmel before your workshop but it’s now my bestest friend! I hope we see you in Australia again soon.

  • Janey Yarman Says:

    Great blogpost, I favorited your blog so I can visit again in the near future, Cheers

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