NEW: Hadar’s Clay™ Quick-fire Copper

As I promised when I started this blog, I have been constantly working on improving the firing schedule, especially trying to shorten the firing time and minimize the use of carbon.

After a long series of experiments, I’ve finally been able to come up with copper clay that does not require carbon at all. This product, too, comes in the form of an easy-to-mix powder. Everything, including the consistency, is the same as the traditional Hadar’s Clay™ – Copper, except for the firing schedule. The new Hadar’s Clay™ Quick-fire Copper is fired half an hour on a kiln shelf or a fiber blanket. Small pieces can also be fired with a torch. To see all three firing options please download the firing schedule for Hadar’s Clay Quick-fire Copper by clicking the link in the right-hand pane of this blog.

This is how the copper looks after it has been dipped in water (no pickle necessary). The oxide layer comes off quickly and completely. The shiny parts on the the huge piece on the left are the result of hammering.

The clay powder is now available for sale on my Online Store. The package size and price are the same as for traditional Hadar’s Clay™ – Copper.

In the center piece in photo below, my Quick-fire Copper clay was torched-fired over fired steel clay.

For those who prefer the traditional Hadar’s Clay™ – Copper, it is still available on my Online Store.

I am continuing my quick-fire experiments with other metals as well. I will, of course, post my results as soon as I am sure of them.

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