NEW: Hadar’s Clay™ Quick-fire Bronze

Quick-fire Bronze is now available as well. What bothered me about the Quick-fire Copper is that it could not be fired in combination with bronze. With Quick-fire Bronze it is possible.

Firing bronze clay in open air yields poor results. I have found a firing schedule that works for both Quick-fire copper and Quick-fire bronze. It requires only one phase, takes 1:30 hours, and minimizes the amount of carbon required.

Please read the full Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay™ Quick-fire Copper and Quick-fire Bronze by clicking the link in the right-hand pane of my blog.

Here are some highlights:

Quick-fire Copper has three firing options: (a) in a hot kiln, (b) with a torch (small pieces only), and (c) a third option, which may appeal to people who do not want to deal with a hot kiln or ramp their kilns to high temperatures. This third method is used for Quick-fire Bronze as well. In fact, using this third method, copper and bronze can even be fired together, either in separate pieces or mixed in the same piece.

Firing is done in a stainless steel box or mixing bowl only half full of carbon (about 1½” total) . This way the carbon stays in the box and does not spread all over the kiln. The pieces are placed vertically almost all the way down to the bottom of the box and then covered with some more carbon. No lid is used.

Ramp at full speed to 1470°F (800°C) and hold for 1:30 hours. That’s it.

You can take the box out hot or leave it to cool down in the kiln. No need to pickle or even quench in water. Discard the carbon, since it’s almost all ash (no more vacuuming!).

I have fired pieces in the center of the box, and so far, every one of them sintered!

The Quick-fire Clay has a similar consistency to that of my traditional clay. Storage and shelf life are also the same as with traditional clay. There is no need to limit the amount mixed at one time, as is the case with steel clay. One exception, though: when mixing, use a lot less water!

The shrinkage rate for copper and bronze is the same, and is lower than that of my traditional clay. Pieces are very strong.

My traditional clay will continue to be available on my Online Store along with the Quick-fire clay. If you use the traditional clay, please remember to fire it according to the old instructions.

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