Update to the Firing Schedule of Quick-fire Copper and Quick-fire Bronze

I have updated the Instruction Manual for Quick-fire Copper and Bronze. Please download the new manual.

The update is in regard to the firing schedule of mixed pieces of copper and bronze, meaning pieces that are made out of both copper and bronze.

Here is the updated schedule:

Cover the box loosely with either a stainless steel sheet or fiber paper (shelf paper). Ramp at full speed to:

1520°F (825°C) in a top loader kiln;
1600° (870°C) in a front loader kiln.
Hold for 2:00 hours.

This hotter and shorter schedule seems to yield better results.

Also, for all firing schedules, it is not necessary to discard all the carbon. You can save most of it by removing the ash.

6 Responses to “Update to the Firing Schedule of Quick-fire Copper and Quick-fire Bronze”

  • Jeanne Young Says:

    Dear Hadaar,

    Thank you as always for your help in sorting thru these experiments. Is your quick fire method for all types of Bronze and Copper or just the new that you are selling. Also could you adivise if you are removing the ash by just vacuuming from the top?

    Thank you,

    Thank you,

    Jeanne Young

  • Amy Atkinson Says:

    This is exciting stuff! Can we fire silver and copper together (without pre-firing the copper as before) using this schedule?

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    I haven’t tried yet but my gut feeling says no. I am guessing they will interfere with the sintering of each other, or alloy and melt.

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:


    These schedules are just for Quick-fire copper and bronze. And yes, I vacuum the ash.

  • Lisa Kirkeby Says:

    Hadar, You mention “fiber paper” in your instructions. Is a fiber blanket OK to use? Thanks!

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:


    It’s a little too thick. You can peel off an 1/8″ layer off the blanket and use it instead. Just make sure it doesn’t seal the box tightly.

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