Quick-fire Steel Clays

Hadar’s Clay Quick-fire Steel and Quick-fire Stainless Steel are now officially available for sale on my Online Store. This newest version of steel clay fires in one phase only, like Quick-fire Copper and Bronze.

On the right-hand pane of my blog you can see the revised files. You no longer need to refer to the manuals for traditional copper and bronze; there is a separate manual for each of the following:

  • Quick-fire copper and bronze
  • Quick-fire steels
  • “Traditional” (or slow-fire) copper and bronze
  • “Traditional” (or slow-fire) steels

There is also a one-page Quick Reference Table for Hadar’s Clay, which consolidates the firing schedules for all types of clay.

At the beginning of each manual you will see the last date it was updated. Since the manuals are updated regularly, please make sure you always have the latest version.

5 Responses to “Quick-fire Steel Clays”

  • Onedia Says:

    I look forward to working with your quickfire metals….My studio is in transition so I can only use that with which I can fire with a torch…but I have some designs in mind for the steel and bronze. I have been away from working with metal clay for some time and I am so pleased to have the additional metals to combine with silver. O.

  • Req Says:


    Just wanna ask a quick question. I read through the firing schedules manual that you have uploaded on the blog for the metal clays. What I would like to know if it’s possible to fire the stainless steel clay with just the torch?


  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Hi Req,

    From my experience it’s impossible to fire steel clay of any kind with a torch.

  • katie Says:

    hi, I’ve read all the manual and charts amd tips for your clay, but everything seems to say something slightly different for firing the low shinkage quick fire steel. do i need to prefire? and does the vessel i fire it in really matter as long as its covered in coconut carbon? do i put a cover on it? please help
    clearify, thanks so much.

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:


    Both low shrinkage steel XT and white bronze do not require pre-firing. The vessel should not be covered with a lid! And I do recommend a round vessel.

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