Instruction Manual Updated

The instruction manual for Quick-fire copper and bronze has been updated. Please download the new version from the right-hand pane of this blog. The date at the top of the first page shows when it was last updated.

One of the main changes is the hold temperature in front-loader kilns. After firing 18 such kilns at the workshop in Phoenix, I realized that 1550°/843°C is a better temperature for sintering bronze and copper clay in front-loader kilns. Fire at a lower temperature only if you see that bronze pieces blister at this temperature.

Another important change is the addition of a separate firing schedule for thick or large pieces, and pieces that have core material or glycerin in them.

Here is the suggested schedule, still one phase:

Ramp at full speed to:

1000°F/538°C (top loader) or 1100°F/593°C in a front loader
Hold 30 minutes
Ramp at full speed to:
1470°F/800°C (top loader)
1550°/843°C (front loader
Hold for 3:00 hours

The hold time at 1000°F/538°C (top loader) or 1100°F/593°C in a front loader allows all combustibles to burn off. You can increase this hold time if necessary.

If you have sintering problems in general, I suggest trying this schedule.

If you don’t know how to program your kiln for this schedule, please read the file “How to Talk to Your Kiln,” which is also available on the right-hand pane of this blog.

Please note that although various schedules are suggested in the manual, the one I recommend the most for all types of Quick-fire pieces is the one for mixed pieces of copper and bronze.

2 Responses to “Instruction Manual Updated”

  • Ang Says:


    I am interested in ordering the quick-fire copper and bronze metal clays from your online store but there are some questions that I need to ask before making the order.

    I am thinking of making mixed copper and bronze ring pieces but I would like to know how many can I make with just a bottle of quick-fire copper and bronze metal clay?

    Also, I living in Singapore so I was wondering if you ship orders out of United States?

    Thank you

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    First, I have shipped to Singapore many times. A bottle of copepr and a bottle of bronze are 200 grams. If a ring weights about 5 grams then you can make 40 rings out of 2 bottles. If it weight 10 grams you can make 20.

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