Workshop In NY

Another workshop has been added to my travel-teaching schedule. This workshop will take place on the weekend of October 2-3, 2010 in Rochester, New York.

Here is the contact information:

Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and Gallery
34 Elton St, Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: (585) 737-5858

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some photos of an amazing piece that was created with Quick-fire copper and bronze by Diane Sepanski from The Metal Heads, Feat of Clay in Phoenix, Arizona, right after the workshop that I taught there. It’s called Pookie and the Chief, Phoenix Tribe.





It’s in 3 pieces and each piece is hollow. The top part was made as 2 separate pieces that are hollow, which were then assembled with the wings. Here’s a picture of how it went into the box.


And here is the finished piece:


10 Responses to “Workshop In NY”

  • Jan Says:

    What a great piece! I *love* the wings. Nice work Diane, and a fun idea too. Did the head ornamentation not make it through firing?

    What a perfect use for combining copper and bronze.


  • Virginia Glenn Says:

    Wow – every time I see a new possibility I get more intrigued. That’s absolutely beautiful Diane – you’re so creative.

  • Cindy Says:

    Diane that is a great piece! do the parts stack together or were they fired in place with a second firing? We are really looking forward to having Hadar here in Grand Junction, CO in April 2010. At this writing we have a completely filled class of excited and enthusiastic arts!

  • Ruth Says:

    I love this piece Diane. Well done!

  • Joy Funnell Says:

    What a wonderful piece. Beautiful work Diane. I love it.

  • Lynne Glazzard Says:

    Wow that is so beautiful!

  • Colleen J. Stella Says:

    Lovely workmanship! Such a unique idea!

  • Hope Says:

    Absolutely amazing. I love it!

  • Toni Says:

    Diane, this is SO clever and beautiful! Drat, why didn’t I think of it first? (heh heh)

  • Diane Sepanski Says:

    WOW….Thanks for all the kind words!

    I had this idea for the PMC Conference Exhibit for some time…and wanted to do the piece in copper and bronze but was waiting for Hadar’s workshop.

    This is comprised of 3 separate pieces and put together with a brass screw. The brass screw has pmc at the base that was torch fired.

    As you noticed Jan, the elements on the top of the head are no longer there. They came trhough the firing just fine but I had a technical difficulty getting the brass screw to come out. So in gripping the piece the top parts broke off and I did not have time to do a repair. So I decided to go without, and use the piece just as decoration.

    Originally the elements on the head would have been where a a cord or chain could be strung. The entire totem pole can unscrew, making it into 3 separate pieces. The 2 faces were to be earrings while the bird would be the the pendant.

    I will be making another with all those possibilities in the future.

    Cindi, you will have so much fun learning from Hadar….shes the best!

    Thanks again!
    Diane Sepanski

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