Workshop In NY

Another workshop has been added to my travel-teaching schedule. This workshop will take place on the weekend of October 2-3, 2010 in Rochester, New York.

Here is the contact information:

Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and Gallery
34 Elton St, Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: (585) 737-5858

I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you some photos of an amazing piece that was created with Quick-fire copper and bronze by Diane Sepanski from The Metal Heads, Feat of Clay in Phoenix, Arizona, right after the workshop that I taught there. It’s called Pookie and the Chief, Phoenix Tribe.





It’s in 3 pieces and each piece is hollow. The top part was made as 2 separate pieces that are hollow, which were then assembled with the wings. Here’s a picture of how it went into the box.


And here is the finished piece:


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