Workshop in France and other Scheduling Issues

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The deadline to register for my workshop in France this summer is March 15.

I am aware that the workshop is a long time from now, but because this is such a long trip, a lot of arrangements need to be made ahead of time.

Here is the class information again:

Guilde PMC Francophone, Ploemeur, Morbihan FRANCE

or contact guild president Angela Crispin,

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On another note, the structure of my workshops for people from out of town has changed:

Groups from out of town or out of state are welcome to schedule an intensive workshop at my studio. The workshops will take place on either Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The hours are 10am – 3pm. A minimum of 4 people is required. If you would like to schedule a workshop as a group please contact me for dates and costs. Please see details here.

*La date-limite à s’inscrire à mon atelier en France cet été est le 15 mars.


Guilde PMC francophone, Ploemeur, Morbihan FRANCE
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