Instruction Manuals Updated

Following the discoveries that were discussed in the last posting regarding the firing method, the instruction manuals for Quick-fire Copper, Bronze, and Steel have now been updated. They can be downloaded from the right-hand pane of this blog. The date on the top of the front page of each document is 2/6/10.

I tested this firing method with steel clay (not stainless). I fired in a fiber blanket box at 1800°F/982°C in my top loader kiln (1880°F/1026°C in a front loader kiln). The total firing time was 2 hours.

Pieces shrank some more (about 20%) and were easier to clean up. The surface was textured with a subtle texture of fine sandpaper. With some buffing with a coarse mini-fiber wheel they became shiny. I liked them as they were, so I did not follow up with sanding. That was the easiest finishing job I ever did.

t-Foldi earings 1

So, I may bring some steel clay to my next travel-teaching workshops. It seems that we may have time to play with it.

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