Introducing Hadar’s Clay™ – White Bronze


The pieces in the photos above (click to enlarge) are not made out of silver or steel. They are made out of a new copper alloy that I call “White Bronze.” This new form of Hadar’s Clay will soon be available for sale on my Web store.

Here is how the pieces looked before firing:


I have prepared samples of Quick-fire Copper, Quick-fire Bronze, and White Bronze, textured and non-textured.


The following photo is taken next to a silver piece that may be familiar to you as a project from my first book.


Here are some process photos:


Textured and folded






Next, some pieces in copper and bronze. Unlike the copper and bronze pieces, the White Bronze piece was textured before folding. When White Bronze is not textured, it comes out as smooth as copper and bronze.

White Bronze is compatible with both copper and bronze; there is no undesirable reaction between them as there is between silver and bronze.

The firing temperature of White Bronze clay is a lot lower than that of bronze clay, though. So in order to make combination pieces of either copper and White Bronze or bronze and white bronze, the copper and bronze parts have to be fired first.


White Bronze was wrapped around fired copper, then fired.


The result is the piece on the left. On the right you can see the same piece with silver substituted for the White Bronze.

There are still some tests that need to be done. For example, I need to determine the extent to which White Bronze clay sticks to copper and bronze. I will post my results soon.

As you can see from the photos, the shrinkage rate is similar to that of Quick-fire Copper and Bronze. The firing time is about the same and the temperature is lower. The fired pieces are as strong as those of copper and bronze.

Important Note: This is not “nickel silver” (also known as “white copper,” “German silver,” or “alpaca”). This alloy contains no nickel.

White Bronze clay will be available on my store as soon as I complete my testing and write an instruction manual. I hope you like this low-cost addition to the palette of metal clays.

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