White Bronze Clay is Now Available

Hadar’s Clay™ – White Bronze is now available on my online store.

You can find the instruction manual on the right-hand pane of this blog and on the White Bronze product page in the store. Please download the instruction manual before you begin firing, since White Bronze behaves somewhat differently from copper and bronze clay. As with all other manuals, the White Bronze manual will be updated on a regular basis. The date of the last update appears at the top of the first page.

Copper clay has a wide range of sintering temperatures, while bronze has a narrower range; White Bronze has a very narrow range. A change of 10°F can determine whether a piece is not sintered or melts. Since kilns are so different from each other, it is important that you find the right firing schedule in your own kiln.

I tested the firing schedule in a top loader and a front loader kiln. The results are reflected in the firing schedule suggested in the manual. Please regard these temperatures as a starting point to determine your own firing schedule. I do not recommend firing actual pieces before firing test pieces. The instruction manual explains how to use test pieces.

White bronze fires when tucked deep in carbon, with slow ramping to a relatively low temperature, and 2:30 hours of hold time.

What can’t you do with White Bronze?

You cannot tell a customer that it’s silver (just kidding, it wouldn’t cross your mind).

You cannot fire it with a torch. The firing temperature is low and the firing time is long (2:30 hours).

You cannot combine it with copper and bronze clay unless the copper and bronze have been fired first.

You cannot bend or hammer it after it’s been fired. Although it’s very hard after firing, it is not flexible at all.

What can you do with White Bronze?

You can make big, chunky pieces that look like silver without feeling guilty.

t-WB rigatoni

t-Next to a penny

t-9-tile pendant

t-Doormat Bracelet

You can combine White Bronze with copper and bronze in the same piece, without having undesirable reactions as between silver and bronze.

t-Oval bead earrings

Unlike silver, you can inlay White Bronze in copper and/or bronze after they have been fired, and they will fuse without separating.


t-Ball earrings

t-Drum earrings

t-Oval bead earrong

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