Three Metals, One Firing

It may be too early to get all excited, but this experiment has worked a few times now. I was surprised enough to discover that bronze and white bronze can be fired at the same time. I wasn’t too excited, though, since the contrast is not so sharp, and patina doesn’t make it any sharper.

So, I tried to fire all three metals together, copper, bronze, and White Bronze, with very little hope. I could not believe that copper could sinter at such a low temperature. Here are my results:

t-Mokume mixed

t-3-panel mixed

The center panels in these earrings are a combination of copper and White Bronze only.


This one is a two-sided hollow form (lentil).

The firing temperature is the same as for White Bronze. I am not sure yet how long the firing should be, what the size and thickness limitations are, and how way the metals should be combined. I am almost sure the latter is an important factor.

The funny thing is that a test piece, all copper, sintered just fine.

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