Pearl Grey Steel Clay is Now Available


Pearl Grey Steel is now available for sale from my online store.

The instruction manual is posted in the right-hand pane of this blog, along with the other manuals, as well as on the product page within the online store, linked above.

How is Pearl Grey Steel different from the regular steel clay?

The Pearl Grey Steel metal powder is silver-gray in color. It is very pliable and soft, and does not become grainy after being stored in the refrigerator, even after many weeks. It also leaves your hands clean.

The firing is done in one phase. The firing temperature is the same, but the ramp is slower. The firing requires holding at 1000°F/538°C for between 30 minutes and 1 hour before continuing to the sintering temperature. Firing time is less than 4 hours.

The fired clay lends itself to sanding and smoothing, which results in a pearl-gray color. Like White Bronze, it is not flexible and should not be bent or hammered.

Pearl Grey Steel is compatible with copper, bronze, and White Bronze. It can be fired with copper in the same piece. Sometimes a bronze-color halo is created at the border between the two metals, as shown in the photo above.

To combine Pearl Grey Steel with bronze and White Bronze, the steel has to be fired first.

To see more photos of Pearl Grey Steel jewelry, please see this posting.

I hope you enjoy it.

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