Second Edition of My First Book, and Some New Work

The second edition of my first book: The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms has finally gone to print and will be available by November. You can see the covers and the introduction on my Web store. Thank you for all the beautiful photos that you have sent me. I have managed to include almost all of them. I will post again when the book is out.

You can pre-order the book now. There is a discount of 25% for a minimum order of 12. Please see details here.

On another note, I’d like to share with you some of the work that I’ve been doing lately. Most of it has to do with caning and mokume gane effects.

The following are hollow forms. The third one is a combination of copper and White Bronze. The fourth photo shows solid bi-cone spherical beads.


Mokume mascara

Oval  cab


Ball and bicpne

The following demonstrate wood grain effects.

Woodgrain tube Earrings

Woodgrain rectangular earrings

Woodgrain lentils

Woodgrain bracelet

And these are striped designs:

Striped dome earrings

Striped rock


In the last four you can see a third, pinkish color. This is created by mixing bronze and copper clay.

And finally, two more magnetic clasps made from Pearl Grey Steel and bronze and copper.

Magnetic clasp

I’ve been asked whether I am going to teach some of these techniques in my next workshops. Absolutely – some techniques I am still working on, but I will certainly teach what I feel confident about.

10 Responses to “Second Edition of My First Book, and Some New Work”

  • Otteline Says:

    Beautiful!! Can’t wait so meet you. Only two weeks to go! Am I mistaking or is the fourth one a combination of copper and white bronze?

  • Carol Myers Says:

    Totally beautiful/awesome!!! Love them ALL! The magnetic clasps are genius!

  • marilyn Says:

    Hadar, you are the innovater! Because of your experiments, metal clay has reached a new level.
    These works are awsome and I definitly would love to attend a class of yours. Any chance of you wanting to visit a Carribean island??

  • Sally Mack Says:

    Hadar your work is stunning! I really appreciate that you share your research and experimentation with us. It is like we are peeking over your shoulder while you work…very interesting and inspiring. Thank you!

  • Tamara Culp Says:

    Stunning Hadar. I particularly love the woodgrain effect and the stripes…very striking.
    The magnetic clasps look so integral to the pieces. I love that idea and hate to copy it…it seems so “you” that I feel it would be stealing! The last piece with the sun peeking out from behind the building is my favorite. I can’t wait for the new edition. Cheers! Tamara

  • RobinBeth Faulkner Says:

    Beautiful, now if I just had time to work on my own stuff.

  • Deborah Lee Taylor Says:

    I am so amazed whenever I see your work! I recently purchased two of your books and hope to practice this week!

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Yes, I am looking forward to it. And you are not mistaken!

  • Bobbie Rucker Says:

    Beautiful..thanks Hadar! I am just setting up my work space. Cannot wait to get started again. This gives me inspiration.
    Bobbie Rucker

  • Cindy Pope Says:

    I can’t wait to get your revised edition. I ordered the mixed metal’s book last month and it is wonderful!!

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