Instruction Manual Updated

The instruction manual for Hadar’s Clay™ has been updated. As you can see in the right-hand pane of this blog, instead of many separate files there is now one 33-page file. On the the title page you will find the date it was last updated. I also added a table of contents, which will make it easier for you to find the specific information you need.

The manual includes:

  • A discussion about the properties of the clay in general: storage, consistency, mixing instructions, drying, shrinkage, reconstitution, repair, the firing process, firing boxes, and test firing

  • The suggested firing schedule for each clay

  • A compatibility chart: which clays can be fired together in the same piece in one firing and at what schedule

  • Instructions for programming you kiln, demonstrated on the schedules for copper and bronze

  • An article about understanding metal clay and the firing process

  • And at the end, where it’s easy to find, a quick-reference table of firing schedules.

The firing schedules have changed

Or rather, have been simplified. All clays, with 2 exceptions, can now be fired using the same firing schedule. No slow ramping is required.

Phase 1

Ramp at 1800°F/1000°C to:

1000°F/538°C (top loader brick kiln)
1100°F/593°C (front loader muffle kiln)

Hold between 0:30-1:00 hour, depending on the size and number of pieces (no harm in holding even 1:30 hours).

Cool the box and the kiln down to room temperature.

Phase 2

Ramp at 1800°F/1000°C to:

1470°F/800°C (top loader brick kiln)
1520°F/827°C (front loader muffle kiln)

Hold for 2 hours.

The exceptions:

1. When firing White Bronze, the temperature in the second phase should be lower:
1170°F/632°C (top loader brick kiln)
1250°F/677°C (front loader muffle kiln)

2. When firing Steel (regular), the temperature in the second phase should be higher:
1800°F/982°C (top loader brick kiln)
1880°F/1026°C (front loader muffle kiln)


1. Bronze alone can be fired without cooling down to room temperature.

2. Copper and Pearl Grey Steel can be fired at higher temperature:
1580°F/860°C (top loader brick kiln)
1650°F/900°C (front loader muffle kiln).

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