Four Clays in One Firing

By now I have fired enough pieces that combine four metals (copper, bronze, White Bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel), that I can say for sure that they can be all fired together in one firing, using the firing schedule of White Bronze.

When I say one firing, I mean a firing that consists of 2 phases. I should also note that this only works with certain designs, such as those that you see in the photos below.

For example, if you were to make a piece of copper with overlays of White Bronze, or vice versa, the White Bronze would melt. The same will happen if you try inlay. In these cases it is always best to fire the high-temperature metal first, then add the low-temperature one and fire again.

Also, don’t try to make a Skinner Blend with copper and silver. It doesn’t work. (You live, you learn 🙂 )

I have not gotten to a point yet where I can give a precise definition of the type of design that does work. I am still experimenting. So for now I will just show examples.

The background for the piece above is made out of “scrap” clay, meaning a mixture of leftover clays.

The “black-and-white” piece below is a combination of Pearl Grey Steel and White Bronze.

And the following two photos are two sides of a hollow form (a rock).

Sanded rock 1

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