Four Clays in One Firing

By now I have fired enough pieces that combine four metals (copper, bronze, White Bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel), that I can say for sure that they can be all fired together in one firing, using the firing schedule of White Bronze.

When I say one firing, I mean a firing that consists of 2 phases. I should also note that this only works with certain designs, such as those that you see in the photos below.

For example, if you were to make a piece of copper with overlays of White Bronze, or vice versa, the White Bronze would melt. The same will happen if you try inlay. In these cases it is always best to fire the high-temperature metal first, then add the low-temperature one and fire again.

Also, don’t try to make a Skinner Blend with copper and silver. It doesn’t work. (You live, you learn 🙂 )

I have not gotten to a point yet where I can give a precise definition of the type of design that does work. I am still experimenting. So for now I will just show examples.

The background for the piece above is made out of “scrap” clay, meaning a mixture of leftover clays.

The “black-and-white” piece below is a combination of Pearl Grey Steel and White Bronze.

And the following two photos are two sides of a hollow form (a rock).

Sanded rock 1

14 Responses to “Four Clays in One Firing”

  • Carol Myers Says:

    W O W ! ! ! Just gorgeous! I’ve been lurking in the background but had to peek out to comment!

  • Pat Roach Says:

    Wow – Great. I was just finishing a couple piece that is pearl grey and white bronze to be fired. So glad I waited an extrs day to get this post. Now I can’t wait to see it and then go on to play with all four.

  • Catherine Witherell Says:

    Those are beautiful Hadar! You are really pushing it!

  • Judy Says:

    You amaze us and then if we wait a day you top that. Thanks Hadar!

  • Donna Lewis Says:

    Hadar, that rock is sexy as hell! These are beautiful combinations, very exciting. Thank you so much for all the extra attention to detail. You are responsible for taking base metals beyond the next level to be sure. Again..
    Genius! Now I just say told ya so.

  • Natalie Says:

    Hadar, These are very beautiful! I love following your adventurous explorations and can’t wait to hear and see more.

  • Roz Eberhard Says:

    Hadar these are just awesome, I am in love with the Pearl steel and White Bronze piece and the “rock” is just unbelievable. Roll on Christmas, no classes, no work for 18 days – just studio time all to myself….

  • Candi Frost Says:

    LOVE all of these!!!
    Can’t wait for this book to come out haha
    You are amazing. Thank you!!
    I love the white bronze piece, can’t wait to try this!

  • Tamara Cculp Says:

    Hadar the rock is stunning. I didn’t expect you would be able to achieve such a subtle mix of the metals while maintaining their disctinctive colors. This is truly an effect I will strive for!

  • Jascha Sonis Says:

    WOW, great pieces & beautiful color combinations!! How exciting …the ability to combine metals with results like these!!

  • marilyn Says:

    Your work is venturing into new frontiers. Who would have thought 10 years ago that any of this was possible!!

  • Barbara Briggs Says:

    Hadar, thank you for sharing your experiments with metal clays. We owe you a debt of gratitude for saving us all so many hours!

  • heidi jo Says:

    i’m practically drooling at the options!

  • Linda Reboh Says:

    Hadar you are trully an inspiration! You desrve some very specail recognition by the metal clay community for all the work you put in to the medium becoming respectable to the traditional metalsmithing community. Even your experiments turn out to be such beautiful works of Art. Thanks for all your contributions.

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