Intensive Workshops at my Studio

I have been receiving many inquiries about intensive workshops at my studio. I was told that it is not easy for one interested person to organize a group for a workshop. So, to make it easier, I am setting up dates, and you can sign up if you like.

My available dates for now are:

  • December 4 – 8, 2010
  • January 8 – 12, 2011

The workshops are 5 days, Saturday though Wednesday. It is not required to take the whole 5 days, but days with less than 4 people may be canceled. The maximum number of participants is 8.

Most of the requests I have received are for caning and mokume-gane techniques. However, the program is not strict and people who want to learn other techniques are welcome to join. Learning how to fire base metal and tackle firing issues will be one of the main topics of the workshops. Another major subject the finishing process.

The studio is located in a central area in north Berkeley, (California), just a few minutes’ walk from grocery stores, drug stores, inexpensive restaurants and craft stores (!) There are also reasonably priced hotels just a short bus ride away, and more expensive B&Bs a few blocks away. There is a shuttle available from Oakland airport and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit — our local subway/elevated train system) from SFO, so renting a car is not necessary.

If you would like to sign up or need specific information, please email me at

And just as an update, here are the first pairs of earrings I was able to make as a mirror image (well, almost) using mokume-gane techniques:

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