Class Updates, a Dress, and New Mokume-gane

Class Updates

1. By request I’ve added another 5-day intensive at my workshop. The dates are March 5-9. I will post a deadline soon, but please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to attend.

2. If you happen to be going to the Tuscon show, I will be teaching a 2-day workshop in Tucson at that time. The dates are February 2-3, 2011, and the location is Amado Territory Ranch (30 miles south of Tucson). Contact information: or

3. Another class has been added to my travel-teaching schedule, with the Greater Philadelphia Metal Clay Guild, August 13-14, 2011. UPDATE: There are now two workshops, back-to-back: August 11-12 and August 13-14, 2011. Please contact Holly Gage, at Note: Plans are still in the works, and registration with Holly will start in January. Please contact Holly to be put on the list for more information.

And a note to my local students: because of the size of Thursday morning class, I added a class on Friday morning, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. For this week only, class will take place on Friday only (not on Thursday, which is Veterans’ Day).

The Dress on my Book Cover

I have been asked what it is and how big it is. Sometimes I take her with me to workshops and people tell me they never imagined how big she was. It’s hollow, 4″ tall and 3.5″ wide at the bottom. I made it from the original silver clay, so it was 30% bigger before firing. It took about 5 months to construct. Here she is in my hand, so you can have an idea of the size:

More Mokume-gane

This is the kind of mokume-gane design that I have been trying to achieve for a long time. As opposed to the Skinner Blend, I have not been able to create this design by following instructions from polymer clay books and sites. So I had a lot of failures. I think the following are getting close to the natural mokume-gane designs that occur in nature.

Befor firing

Before firing

Aftwr firing

After firing









15 Responses to “Class Updates, a Dress, and New Mokume-gane”

  • Meghan Garner Says:

    The new mokume-gane pieces are stunning!

  • Jay Humphreys Says:

    It is absolutely gorgeous!! This is what I want to do. Hope to take your class in Amado.

  • Lila Diamantopoulou Says:

    Hadar, how many firings did it take for the dress?

  • Jascha Sonis Says:

    Wow!! the Mokume-gane is stunning!! and the size of the dress is amazing. I really love ur work so amazing craftmanship!

  • Sue O'Leary Says:

    Hadar, your work is so beautiful… I love the Mokume Gane, can hardly wait to try it myself! Will you consider teaching any classes in the Massachusetts area? I missed the one you did in Rhode Island a summer or two ago…

  • Toni Ellis Says:

    Your mokume-gane is the best invention since chocolate chips! And your new book, “Handbook of Metal Clay, Textures and Forms-2nd ed.” is also delicious. I absolutely love the addition of copper and bronze projects, and the photos are outstanding. Not to gloat, but I’m so lucky to be able to take your classes. Happy tenth anniversary to us!

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:


    Just one. The problem was, that since I didn’t know better, I fired her lying on her back and her belly sagged. Since I wasn’t going to lose her, I drilled a hole at the back and pushed the belly back up. Then I re-created the design on the back side with low-shrinkage clay and fired again. I made a few other dresses, but then I constructed a dome in the place of the belly as an armature, and they didn’t sag.

  • Von Says:

    I just received your wonderful new book. It’s as amazing as the cover and has led me to find new textures in the most unexpected places – very inspirational!

  • Donna Lewis Says:

    Hadar, your revised book is so expanded and updated it is more like a brand new book. Awesome! I cant wait till February at Amado Ranch to work on your blending techniques! Thank you for doing so much work on all this and for being so generous with all the details. You are amazing!!!

  • Sarah Triton Says:

    Hadar, The Dress is so much more beautiful & larger than I ever knew. It and B. Simon’s Maltese Fish were the two reasons I started working in PMC in the first place! I received the PG steel Saturday, and have a few test pieces made up in QF Copper & Bronze to fire.

  • Sarah Triton Says:

    The mokume gane is simply magnificent! I have a sort of coiled piece that is a mixture of the QF copper and bronze I’m going to fire for grins,just because I was tired, and didn’t want to mess with separate storage for the clay! Will advise of outcome…LOL!

  • Ron Taylor Says:

    Put me down for your March class. It is on my calendar. Let me know when you require a deposit.

  • Jackie Schubbe Says:

    I would like to attend the March workshop, but will need to check on travel arrangements as I will be coming from Wisconsin. How far are you from Los Altos? My sister lives there and I would like to consider staying with her if possible.

  • Christine Damm Says:

    I love that mokume gane! It’s much more organic and interesting. Is this in the new edition of the book?

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:


    These are very new techniques. It will be in my next book.

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