1. My next travel-teaching class (the first in the new year) will take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s a 5-day workshop in a beautiful retreat, called Hacienda Mosaico. Arrival date is January 23, departure on the 29th. It’s going to be a small-size class in a relaxed atmosphere, room and board included. Here is the contact information.

The last time I taught such a class was in Norway. Six days in a row in a beautiful setting and view, with six people that had limited experience in metal clay. We started from basics, each day progressing with more advanced techniques, and at the end of the last day we were making complex mokume gane pieces. That was something to remember.

2. Which leads me to the next update: GlassForum, the place where I taught in Norway, is now the distributor of my clays in Scandinavia.

3. Speaking of intensive classes, the intensives scheduled at my studio are almost full.

I’ve been doing more testing with mokume gane. First I tried to work with larger areas, making my quilts and a “Squeeze Bead” (you can find the instructions for this form in my third book: Mixed Metal Jewelry from Metal Clay.


The surface is so rich with detail that shaping it in complex designs like those folds above seems too much. The form competes with the color. Still, I wanted to do more with mokume gane that just flat panels. So here are my first attempts at incorporating mokume gane into a larger design.

This piece is made out of overlays, using copper, bronze, Pearl Grey Steel, and mixed clay.

In this one the surface is all flush. I used the same materials.

This is also all flush, made with all four metals. The larger area is White Bronze.

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