How to Make Rose Gold Color in Metal Clay

Mix copper clay and White Bronze clay at a ratio of 6 to 1, as follows:

Roll a layer of copper clay, 6 cards thick.
Roll a layer of White Bronze clay, 6 cards thick.
Pick a cutter or a straw and cut 6 identical shapes out of the copper layer and 1 shape out of the White Bronze layer.

Mix the cutouts together into a chunk. Roll the chunk into a flat layer. Roll the layer into a jelly roll and fold it in half. Roll it flat again. Repeat until the color of the clay is even.

This clay fires at the same temperature as Quick-fire copper, bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel (see the instruction manual).

Here are all the colors side by side:

Here is the “rose gold” next to copper (copper on the right):

Here it is next to bronze (bronze on the right):

And here it is in a pendant.

This piece combines Quick-fire copper, bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel. The sky is a gradation from Pearl-Grey Steel to bronze. The sun is “rose gold”.

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