Photos from January 2011 Intensive

The following photos show pieces that were created at my studio in a 5-day intensive in January. Let me say outright that I chose to show the work from this intensive not because I think it’s better than any other intensive, but because this time I held these people hostage and wouldn’t let them leave until they let me photograph their pieces.

We also agreed that names would not be mentioned, but if you have questions about certain pieces I will deliver the message.

The pictures are displayed in the order in which the they were taken. You can click on the photos to enlarge.



The background of the piece above was made from mixed clay that was left over from a different project. Depending on the composition of the mixed clay, you can get a range of colors, including the orange color shown in the photo.

Balling up wire was also discussed and practiced in the intensive. The piece above is connected to the chain with balled-up wire (at the bottom of the tubes), using a propane/oxygen torch.


The tube earrings on the bottom left show a natural wood grain pattern, which was also practiced in the intensive.

22 Responses to “Photos from January 2011 Intensive”

  • Melody Pierson Says:

    You and your students did such beautiful work. One day I will hopefully get there…These photos are so inspiring..

    Thank you for showing them to us.

  • Gera Scott Chandler Says:

    What fabulous creations- I hope so much to be able to attend one of your workshops in the near future!


  • Linda Bernstein Says:

    WOW. I really love the hair comb. These are a real inspiration.
    Thanks again Hadar.

  • Tamara Cculp Says:

    They are all beautiful…each artist has their own voice, that’s for sure. I have to admit that I am totally captivated by the tiny little turtle!

  • heidijo Says:

    stunning…mouth agape… wow… just beautiful. i’m absolutely jealous that i wasn’t there. one day i hope. beautiful.

  • Carol Faith Says:

    Everyone has done a great job. It is evident that you did a great job of teaching when everyone has done such beautiful work.

  • Donna Lewis Says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing Hadar! I can’t wait till next month at Amado Ranch south of Tucson!!!

  • Elia Marcus Says:

    I’m a beginner to PMC and look forward to the day when I too can create beautiful pieces like these. I may even find myself in Hadar’s class too.

  • ann schneider Says:

    Beautiful work! I LOVE the mix of metals and all the effects. Thank you for showing them.

  • Peggy Neer Says:

    Your students did an excellent job. Very nice work and I love this medium. Thanks for this bit of inspiration during these cold winter days in the midwest.

  • Jackie Schubbe Says:

    I can’t wait for the March intensive! I love the look of the combined clays.

  • Vera Says:

    HI Hadar,

    Thank you for the five wonderfully intensive days of dreaming and breathing mokumegane. I and my massive clay supply just got home and I am showing off my pieces! Can’t wait to wear them!

    Thank you for all your inspiration and your generous spirit. I’ve learned so much from you! See you in the Fe in April!

  • Diane Sommers Says:

    I can’t believe I’ll be in puerto Vallarta in 10 days and I’m really looking forward to learning these techniques. The design possibilities with the mixture of clays is very exciting. Hadar, I believe we are on the same flight from San Franciso, so I look forward to meeting you then.

  • Lucy Romijn Says:

    The pieces are all gorgeous! I can’t wait until the beginning classes next month so I can start on my journey to create my own beautiful pieces. Hopefully I’ll be ready for the intensive class in May.

  • Carol W Chalmers Says:

    Fabulous results – the combination of clays is really interesting. Hope to be at one of our workshops in the future – when you come over to the UK – preferably Scotland! :o)

  • Carol W Chalmers Says:

    Sorry, that should have said “one of your workshops” – laptop keys are getting dodgy!

  • Grete Says:

    They are just beautiful!

  • Sarah Triton Says:

    These intensive pieces are intimidating and inspiring! I’m ready to test fire rectangles of HC QF Copper,QF Bronze & steel! Might want to build a box tho. Thanks for your generosity of sharing time & knowledge!

  • heidi jo Says:

    I seem to remember a page that showed many many pictures of work from some of your students – little castles and buildings and figures… but I can’t find the link. Can you tell me where to find it? Thank you!

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Heidi Jo,

    They are no longer on the website. I used to have a students work page. I may put it back one day.

  • heidijo Says:

    i vote yes. 🙂

  • ann schneider Says:

    Just got back from Puerta Vallarta with Hadar. It was so amazingly fabulous and I am so inspired! Last night I could not even sleep , my brain was just flying! Thank you Thank you!

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