Updated Instruction Manual and a New Workshop

A new workshop has been added to my travel-teaching schedule on June 3-5, at PMC Connection, Dallas, TX

To sign up please contact: Contact@PMCConnection.com
Phone: 866-PMC-CLAY (762-2529)

Address: 2414 East Highway 80, Suite 190
Mesquite, TX 75149

You can see the workshops that I will be teaching this year in the document entitled “Hadar’s Travel-Teaching Schedule” in the right pane of this blog. All of these workshops are about patterns of color in metal clay, which is also the tentative title of my upcoming fourth book. If you have taken this workshop or are about to take it, you are welcome to send me photos of pieces that have been inspired by it.

Updated Instruction Manual

The Instruction Manual for Hadar’s Clay™ has been updated. You can see it in the right-hand pane of this blog, as well as on my online store.

The firing schedules have been simplified and are easier to follow. There is also an added section suggesting how to pre-set 4 programs on your kiln. You can find it in the Table of Contents.

Program 1 is for the first phase of all the clays.

Program 2 is for the second phase for copper, bronze, and Pearl Grey Steel, as well as for all types of silver clay!

Program 3 is for the second phase of White Bronze.

Program 4 is for the second phase of regular steel.

The default firing schedule for all base metal clays is a 2-phase one. I have tried it with other brands of clay and it seems to work well.

Important reminder: the suggested firing schedules are based on firing in a fiber blanket box, about ¼” thick. They may not apply to new commercially available firing boxes. Fiber boxes, for example, require lowering the temperatures by at least 30°F/17°C.

Update: A typo was discovered in this Instruction Manual, in the firing schedule on p. 30. The typo has now been fixed. If you downloaded it before 5:15 pm Pacific Time on February 22, 2011, please download again. Thanks!

Please go over the instruction manual. With every shipment of my clay I send an email that directs to the instruction manual. Still, I am getting a lot of emails from people who are unaware of the manual and just Google instructions. As a result they get contradicting pieces of information and have lots of failures in firing the clay.

I will be also glad to receive your feedback and make changes to the manual as needed. If something is unclear, or missing, please let me know.

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