Shortening the Wait Time Between Firing Phases

The waiting time between the two firing phases can be shortened to less that half an hour. I took many photos of the process to make it as clear as possible, but the whole process, including taking the photos, took 30 minutes.

The kiln finished the first phase. Hold time was 1:00 hour because the pieces were large. Temperature was 1000°F/528°C (top loader). I opened the kiln right away.

A mixing bowl was waiting, empty.

I placed a sieve inside it.

I filled the bowl halfway with cold carbon.

Wearing heat protective gloves, I took the firing box out of the kiln.

Again, wearing heat protective glove, I started pouring the content of the box slowly into the sieve.

The pieces fell onto the soft carbon, which protected them from breaking.

Once the firing box was empty, I held the sieve and slowly lifted it out of the bowl.

I set the sieve aside to cool down the pieces. The temperature outside was about 50°F (10°C). After 5-10 minutes the pieces were cold to the touch.

I re-filled the box with cold carbon.

I carefully picked the pieces out of the sieve with my fingers and placed them in the cold carbon. (On another occasion, I saw a crack on one of the pieces. I was able to mend it carefully without breaking the piece).

I put back the rest of the pieces, then poured cold carbon on top of them.

Now all I had to wait for was for the kiln to cool down to about 250°F/120°C. I put the box back in the kiln and went on to the second phase. As I said, about 30 minutes from beginning to end, including all the pauses to take pictures.

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