NY Workshop and New Video Clip

First, a note about the workshop scheduled for October 7-10, 2011 at Studio 34 Creative Arts Center and Gallery, Rochester, NY. The structure of the workshop has changed. Instead of two, 2-day back-to-back workshops, it is now a single consecutive 4-day workshop. Since this is the second time I will be teaching at Studio 34, there are returning students who would like to learn new techniques and go into depth with familiar ones. The structure of this 4-day workshop will accommodate both experienced users of metal clay and users with little background. We will cover technical issues such as troubleshooting the firing process, and also play with the very latest techniques developed for metal clay (such as mokume-gane), as well as with the new clays – Pearl Grey Steel and White Bronze. Participants will be able to finish some pieces and to return home with the confidence to try things on their own.

Contact: www.studio34beads.com, studio34artists@aol.com, (585) 737 5858.

One important piece of equipment that is used in all my classes is Baldwin’s Patina. I am often asked what it is for. This patina is not for adding color. It is to highlight the contrast between different metals in mixed metal jewelry. It was originally invented for mokume-gane designs with silver and copper, since it reacts with copper and not with silver. I thought that since bronze is 90% copper, it would react with the patina as well. As it turns out, if the surface of the metal is well sanded and smooth, the patina reacts with copper and steel, but not with bronze and White Bronze. This makes the colors stand out in beautiful contrast.

Here is a video clip demonstrating the process:

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Still/video photography: Hadar Jacobson
Music selection and sound/video editing: Avi Jacobson

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