One Correction and Interesting News

There was a typo in the updated Instruction Manual, page 24, which has now been corrected. In schedule C, the hold temperature for the first phase for brick kiln is 1000°F/538°C. Please correct this on your printed page, or re-print that page.

As for the news: soon after my fourth book is released, I will also be releasing some new products, which may introduce further changes to the Instruction Manual. I am pretty excited about these latest developments. It seems to me that they will significantly expand our range of possibilities. The testing phase is almost over, and I hope that we can use these products in my upcoming workshops in Philadelphia (please don’t contact Holly; the workshop is full), at Studio 34 Creative Arts in Rochester, NY, and later in Massachusetts (details to be announced).

The photos above have something to do with the new products. On another note, a project of mine for the earrings above made in copper and sterling silver clays is about to be published in the next issue of Metal Clay Artist Magazine.

Cross your fingers, almost there!

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