My New Book is Now Available

My fourth book: Patterns of Color in Metal Clay: Canes, Gradients, Mokume-Gane, has arrived from the printer and is now available for sale. Please click here to order. All pre-orders have been shipped as of today. Please contact us if you have not received the book within a reasonable time (12-15 business days for international orders, 4-6 business days for domestic orders).

Patterns of Color in Metal Clay

For a full description please download this excerpt, which contains the Introduction (“How to Read This Book”) and the Table of Contents.

13 Responses to “My New Book is Now Available”

  • Otteline Says:

    Congratulations! We´re looking forward to it!!

  • Marlynda Taylor Says:

    I am so excited! Thanks for your unselfish sharing of your research and creativity.

  • Mary Ellen Says:

    I will be stalking the mailman everyday until it arrives! Can’t wait!!

  • Cindy Pope Says:

    Yea Yea Yea! can’t wait!!!

  • Leona Smith Says:

    yippee!!!!! can’t wait…
    Thanks Hadar.

  • ann schneider Says:

    Although I am in Colorado where I can do no work, I am thrilled that I will soon have the book to thoroughly read and study. That is probably the right way to use it anyway. I cannot wait!!!

  • Verda Says:

    Just got my book this morning. I can’t wait to get home to read it. Thanks Hadar.

  • Jenny Ekberg Says:

    Hi Hadar, I can’t wait to get your book!
    I have a basic and probably stupid question, but I am really new to this. Last night I fired a beautiful silver leaf pendant that I’d worked really hard on, and it scattered in way too many pieces to be fixed. I think it was something in the leaf that mixed with the clay in a bad way (it was a fat squash leaf). I thought of turning the scraps into silver granules. Is it hard to solder such granules onto, for example, steel clay? I have never done any soldering, just fine silver fusing. Also, my other question is regarding my kiln. I have a Paragon SC-2, and I have heard from a clay instructor that the elements in it can break if you take it over 1000 degrees celsius. Have you heard anything about this? Sounds very strange, it should go way over this…?
    Have a lovely day!

  • Verda Says:

    When will Rose Bronze be available for purchase in your store?

  • Melodie Says:

    Awesome! What a wonderful reference book! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  • Phylis Denton Says:

    Love the book, have read, re-read, and one more time read the book. Now I need a sign –

    “Will work for clay”….

    Thank you for sharing.

  • ann schneider Says:

    I have my book! Love, love it. Fabulous! Thank you so much for being so generous with your knowledge and all your incredible testing. I’ve seen you work, I know how involved it is and how much you care.
    I so need another class!

  • Cindy Pope Says:

    Hadar the book is fantastic!! I just finished my first cane pendants and earrings. The book (like all the others) Is clear and consis and filled with so many awesome techniques and projects.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this book I’m not sure where you find the time.

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