Rose Bronze Now Available

First, a new workshop has been added to my 2011 travel-teaching schedule. Right after the workshop at Studio 34 (3-day workshop, October 8-10), I will be teaching a 4-day workshop at MetalWerx in Waltham, MA, on October 13-16. Please see the contact info on my updated schedule.

You may recall that a while back I posted a recipe to make your own Rose Bronze. Since then, I have re-formulated Rose Bronze into a new product, now available on my online store. The firing instructions are already included in the Instruction Manual. It does not require a separate firing schedule and can be fired with copper, bronze and Pearl Grey Steel in the same firing batch.

Here are some pieces made with just Rose Bronze:

The following are rings with Rose Bronze, created by Jan Carpenter:

And here is a piece of Rose Bronze combined with Pearl Grey Steel:

When combined with clays other than Pearl Grey Steel in the same piece the pink color may disappear and create other colors, as demonstrated in the project “Mixing Colors – Rose Bronze Rock” in my recently published book: Patterns of Color in Metal Clay.

For the full color range, and to see the difference between Rose Bronze and copper, here are photos of all five colors (click to enlarge):

Rose Bronze is on the bottom left.

Rose Bronze is the Second from the right.

Rose Bronze is on the bottom left.

Rose Bronze is the second from the right.

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