Notes About Upcoming Classes

I just wanted to post a few notes about my upcoming classes:

1. A spot has opened up at my workshop in Tuscon, AZ on January 28-30 and there are 2 spots left for January 30. Please contact:

Lyle Rayfield
Art Jewelry & Instruction
Tucson, AZ

Here is Lyle’s website.

2. The pictorial/architectural intensive at my studio in January 7-11 is filling up. Please contact me if you would like to participate. You can see the class description here.

3. The next travel-teaching class after Tucson will be on April 20-22 at PMC Connection in Dallas. You can sign up as soon as it is posted on their website.

3 Responses to “Notes About Upcoming Classes”

  • Pamela Pollock Says:

    hi hadar, for the jan 7-11 workshop do we need to bring everything that is listed in the “personal toolkit for mixed metal”? just want to make sure i bring everything i am supposed to. i have a flex-shaft and would be traveling by train to the bay area….so i don’t think i want to remove it from my studio for this workshop. do i need to buy the dremel tool for the workshop? thanks for any info. i know it is a ways off in the future, just want to be prepared! thank you, pamela

  • Hadar Jaobson Says:


    No need to bring anything special, just your personal tools. Check this out on Amazon, though: WeCheer wood carving tool. Pencil size rotary tool.

  • Vickie Says:

    I’m excited that you’re coming back to Dallas! I’d already made plans to be out of town during this year’s Dallas class, but I will definitely keep that weekend free this time.


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