Pre-Conference Class on Mokume-Gane Band Rings

At the PMC Guild conference in July 2012 I will be teaching a class and giving a presentation.

The Class

On June 19-20 I will be teaching a 2-day workshop on making mokume-gane band rings from metal clay as part of the PMC Guild pre-conference classes. We will practice a few mokume-gane designs. Some of the designs are covered in my latest book, Patterns of Color in Metal Clay, but require some modification when applied to rings. Other designs are new developments. In the workshop we will also cover the firing process for base metal clay in depth, as well as sizing rings and finding solutions to possible reactions between the metal and the skin.

You can sign up for the class on my website. Please have a look at the toolkit required for the class, and email me if you have any questions. Please order clay prior to the class and bring it with you. You can order the clay, a finishing kit, and books on my online store. Since I will be flying in, I will not be able to bring books for sale.

Here are some class samples.


Woodgrain 2


Veins 2


Steel and Silver Lining






The Presentation

In the conference I will also give a presentation on ways of combining different metal clays. The presentation will cover the nature of metal clay jewelry as opposed to cast and fabricated ones, the sintering process, and ways of combining different metal clays together to create mixed metal pieces of jewelry. I will discuss and illustrate which metals clays can be fired with others and under what conditions. If you are interested, please sign up through the PMC Guild.

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