Changes in Product Line, New Products, and New Distributors

This is a message to all our customers and distributors. In order to align all of our Hadar’s Clay™ products, a few changes will be introduced to our product line (and to Hadar’s Online Store) in January 2012.

1. Traditional (Flex) Pearl Grey Steel XT and Traditional (Flex) Rose Bronze will be added to the product line and will be available in 50 gram jars. These represent the Traditional (not Quick-fire) variety of Hadar’s Clay™ Pearl Grey Steel XT and Hadar’s Clay™ Rose Bronze. It is the most suitable variety for making flexible clay. For a demonstration, please watch the video below. Full instructions can be found in my book The Handbook of Metal Clay: Textures and Forms, 2nd edition.

2. A Sampler Kit containing one jar each of Traditional (Flex) copper and bronze (50 grams each), and Traditional (Flex) Pearl Grey Steel XT and Rose Bronze (25 grams each) will also be added to the product line.

3. Quick-fire Steel XT will be replacing the current Quick-fire Steel and will be available in 50-gram jars. This is an improved product, stronger than the earlier version, and can be fired at a lower temperature. Most important: unlike the earlier version, it can be fired with other metals in the same piece.

4. The functions of Pearl Grey Steel and Pearl Grey Steel XT will be merged, and Pearl Grey Steel will be discontinued. All of the applications of Pearl Grey Steel can be achieved using Pearl Grey Steel XT. Additionally, Pearl Grey Steel XT has the advantage of being suitable for use on its own with no additional metals.

Both Quick-fire Steel XT and Pearl Grey Steel XT shrink 28% by volume. Both are strong on their own and fire nicely with other metals. There are slight differences between them, and choosing which one to work with is a matter of personal preference.

When the product changes go into effect, the Instruction Manual and Hadar’s Online Store will be updated accordingly.

5. We are pleased to announce two new distributors, in Mexico and Canada.

Art Clay Canada

Mexico (as of January 1st, 2012):
Art Clay World Mexico (website currently under construction)


Mineralia Stores

A list of all our distributors can be found here.

6. As of January 1, 2012, all Hadar’s Clay™ prices will be increased by 10%.

6 Responses to “Changes in Product Line, New Products, and New Distributors”

  • Melody Pierson Says:

    Dear Hadar,
    Over a year ago I tried to make flexible clay as per your video with silver. Turned out a bit costly because I was using silver at the time and time is of the essence.

    I am so glad one can have flexible clay in all your other metal clays.
    Hoping it won’t be to soon….
    Be well..

  • Heidi Says:

    I love that you have such an indepth and helpful manuel, I do not love having to reprint all the pages evey time there is an update.Plus I keep mine in a binder so I have tp hole punch and redo all. Perhaps just the relavent pages or an addendum? Thanks.

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Heidi, I try to do so whenever I can. The next update is only in January.

  • Cindy Pope Says:

    Hadar, New Products Yea!!. I didn’t see much info on the new steel XT in the manual or on your blog and I was wondering if it is a darker color? What is the prefered firing schedule for it by itself?

    Thanks again


  • Virginia Gory Says:

    Hi Hadar,
    The new line is great, but will we have to start a new “trial and error” phase for temperatures, clay mixes, etc?

  • Hadar Jacobson Says:

    Virginia, Not at all. The trial and error is essential with low-firing clays like bronze and White Bronze. The new products all fire at high temperatures, where the sintering range is wide. I will post the firing schedule.

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