Updates to My 2012 Class Schedule

Four more workshops have been added to my teaching schedule for 2012:

March 17-22
5-day intensive at my studio in Berkeley, CA
hadar@pacbell.net 510-528-4183.
Sign up here: http://store.artinsilver.com/deforinwo.html

April 2-5
Montreal, Canada
Jocelyne Robertson
Phone: 514 990-0441

Note: 4 workshops are scheduled in Canada this year: one in Montreal, one in Edmonton, and two in Vancouver.

June 26-April 1
Kvernes, Averøy, Norway
Email: post@glassforum.no
+47 71514100
Website: http://www.glassforum.no

October 12-13 (beginner class) and 14-15 (advanced class)
Studio 34 Creative Arts Learning Center
Rochester, NY
(585) 737-5858

Please look at the file “Hadar’s Travel-Teaching Schedule” (also available in the right-hand pane of this blog) for the full schedule.

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